Best of IGN 2009 Award
  • Supply Drop Exclusives
  • FVA gets Bad Company
  • BC2 Outfits
  • BC2 Royal Weapons
  • BC2 Nat Weapons
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[Image: RareSupplyDrops.png]

Exclusive (yes you heard correctly) actual exclusive items can now be found in the supply drops, these items have been confirmed to be available in one place only and that is the supply drops, however we would like you, the community to show us and the rest of the community of what can be found and eventually creating a list of screenshots of these rare items.

All you have to do is post them here.

Supply drops can be found in the Hot Deals Section and at a great price that is guaranteed to give you back more than you gave.

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[Image: honourableheroes.png]

This week's Honourable Heroes is a special one due to a decision made by ShadeShooter. It has been known that when a Community Team member such as ShadeShooter, U-238 or Goodman are playing and you capture yourself killing them on video, you can send it to us via the Honourable Heroes topic and gain a special mention, right here for that week.

In several games, Shadeshooter found himself fighting off hordes of hungry players, fighting for that special "T-bag spot", some creating excellent teamwork such as Tomermankill and Wour and others just creating an intense, exciting and fun battle with everyone showing sportsmanship at the end.

A personal thank you from Shadeshooter, goes out to all those that day, that made the above possible.


"A good deed repaid via revenge, BuildNrZwo had a kill stolen from him by ShadeShooter whom protected a fellow National, only to fall into the 'nade trap sprung by Build later, then again the second Royal running around didn't help either.


Certainly a fun one, which Shade thanks, Meiv personally for falling into his traps and amusing him several times, although it ends with the joke on Shade


Hannsch is a sneaky one and one to not miss an opportunity, especially when an evil soldier blasts Shade's tank to a place where he can't get it back out *sad face*

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BioWare, the developers of titles such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins and Star Wars: The Old Republic, are running as the top developer in the The Escapist's 2010 March Mayhem, and they need your vote.

You can vote for them HERE

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[Image: BlammoBros4.png]

Onward with their journey, Edd, Hex and Hector have no idea what trials and tribulations await them.
Issue #4

If you wish to see the previous issues of the comic then you can find them at the home of the Blammo Bros

If you want to request your very own Blammo Bros Avatar head on over to This Thread where the creators are taking requests.

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[Image: BFHGuidesStats.png]

Ever wondered what your kill/Death ratio is IN A VEHICLE!?
Or how long it will take you until you reach your next level?

BFH Guides have created an awesome stat generator that has some cool features to show you some extended statistics including kills/deaths per minute and hour, vehicle kill/death ratios and more.

Check it out now at

For questions and feedback check out This Thread

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[Image: PTE_crisco.png]

We need YOU once again Heroes to march into the PTE* and help us test some awesome new content that we have to offer. Heroic Moments have been added, these include such events like flipping over in a jeep or tank, killing three enemies at once in a vehicle and many many more. Also added is a "refer a friend" feature, similar to the facebook feature but allows you to invite friends that may not have facebook.

New content is now live in the PTE, well what are you waiting for? Move it, move it!

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* What's a PTE?

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[Image: AAdminNew.png]

Pedro has gone and done it again! Auto-admin has now gone multilingual and to celebrate, Pedro will be running his server in a different language every day.

Sat-Sun 27-28th March = Swedish
Monday 29th march = Dutch
Tuesday 30th March = German
Wednesday 31st March = French
Thursday 1st April = Polish

You can still help and further improve Auto-admin by letting Pedro know of any mistakes that might find their way in or even translating Auto-admin in your own language, all of this will be rewarded with a monthly VIP slot on his server

For more information, you can check out the Auto-admin Amsterdam Multilanguage topic.

Thanks to Pedro, the Community Team have been using Auto-admin for awhile on their servers. You can see it all in action by bookmarking the servers below and following the separate twitters for the servers provided. You can also follow our servers and Pedro's by following the link here

[Image: ServerBannerShadeShooter.png]
| Twitter

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=221f679c27689d...4477f5267c]
| Twitter

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=b0526ed0f2e0a9...b867610439]
| Twitter

Don't forget that you can become a VIP on Pedro's server and even help him test new features and commands for Auto-admin, all the information you need is on the Auto-admin page and clicking "How to become a VIP?"

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[Image: fileplanet.png]

Watched the current video of the week and wondered who gained other positions on the front page? Looking for an archive of all the videos of the week and even videos of the day when we started this back in Closed Beta? Well now, thanks to Fileplanet you can!

Simply head to Fileplanet and click on the Battlefield Heroes icon on their homepage and then hit "New User Submitted Videos"

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[Image: Dr+Peppr+Promo.png]

Battlefield Heroes and Dr Pepper have teamed up to bring you some awesome new content.*

By redeeming codes from your Dr Pepper products, you can get access to special outfits for your Heroes. In addition to cool outfits, you can also get special content like screen shots and high-quality concept art from the game.

You can redeem your codes at the Dr Pepper site HERE

*Promotional offer only available in the US

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See you on the Battlefield, Heroes!
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